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Discover how you can maximize the value of your home with Compass Concierge, the hassle-free way to sell your property for more money. From packing, to remodeling, to staging, and beyond the list of things to do is endless. Fortunately, with Compass Concierge, the key to a seamless and hassle-free selling experience is right at your fingertips.


I’ll work with you to determine how we can maximize the value of your home by taking advantage of select home improvement services you won’t have to pay for upfront. When your home sells, you simply pay back the cost of the services provided.

How it works

  1. You and your agent work together to decide which services can increase your home’s value the most and set an estimated budget for the work. 
  2. When you're ready to start, your Compass agent will be by your side as you engage vendors and commission work. 
  3. Once the transformation is complete, your home will go on the market.  
  4. You'll pay for the services when one of the following happens — your home sells, you terminate your listing agreement with Compass, or 12 months pass from your Concierge start date.

Learn how the Guevara Group can help sell your home faster and for a higher price with Concierge
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